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Five Interesting Facts About Pierre-Auguste Renoir

November 13, 2013 | windsor

One of the most prolific painters of his time, Pierre-Auguste Renoir made his mark in the art world during his life and beyond. This famous impressionist painter also experimented with other styles that contributed to the uniqueness of his work. Read on to find out more about this extraordinary artist.

He painted a portrait in 35 minutes.
Renoir went to visit the German composer Richard Wagner at his home in 1882 after many attempts to meet the musician he greatly admired. 35 minutes later, Wagner had his likeness recreated by a master who was inspired and motivated by the greatness he had encountered.

He was well-traveled.
Renoir spent much of his time traveling around the world to view work by artists from all cultures. He ventured all over Europe and northern Africa, spending time looking at pieces from Velasquez and Raphael, among others.

He influenced the modern film industry.
Two of Renoir’s children went on to become well-known in the film industry.  His son Jean Renoir became an award-winning director and while his other son, Pierre, became an sought after actor.

He saw his own work at the Louvre.
A truly honorable experience for any living artist, Renoir was able to see one of his works on display at the prestigious Louvre museum in Paris, France. In 1919, he visited the museum to see it hung amongst the other master of Impressionism.

His painting sold for $7 in 2012.
Unexpectedly, a Renoir painting entitled Paysage Bords de Seine was bought by an American woman in a box of other items at a flea market for $7. When it was discovered to be an original Renoir, it was valued at almost $100,000. It was also found to be stolen and the new owner was forced to return it without compensation.

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